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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to be home for the cleaning?   

No.  Although some people prefer to be home for the cleaning, many of our customers who can't will leave a key in the KeySafe® Lockbox for safe and easy access to their home.  We can provide a KeySafe lockbox for approx. $35.00 Other clients prefer to hide it.  


Will I have the same maid's at every visit? 

Most likely. Since most of our clients request recurring visits (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc) we tend to create a set schedule for each of our maids based on their route or daily geographical location.  This allows for better time management since travel time between homes are shorter.  Also allows us to arrive at home on time, know our way around it and to understand your specific needs.


How can I be sure my home will be safe if I'm not there? 

Our maids have all been trained on safety and follow strict guidelines at each visit.  Each of our employees also undergo a local criminal background check before they are hired.


Does San Diego Maids & Janitorial Services carry insurance? 

Yes we carry General Business Liability Insurance which covers all of our employees in case of an accident. We are all also licensed and bonded.


How long does each cleaning typically take?

Of course it depends on the size of your home and it's current state, but it typically takes longer for an initial visit then for the reoccurring maintenance visits.  Based on an average home size of 2100 square feet, most first time cleanups can take approx. 6-7 hours, and recurring maintenance visits approximately 4-6 hours. With a team of 2, the occupying time is half.


Will you provide all necessary cleaning products?

Yes we will come completely prepared for the job!  Everything necessary to perform the cleaning such as chemicals. However for sanitary purposes should be provided by you, such as toilet bowl brush, a mop and bucket, a vacuum a broom and dustpan.


How should I prepare for each visit?

We're here to help you, so the last thing we want is to create more work for you! However, here are a few things that will greatly improve the cleaning process:  1) If you would like us to clean underneath or behind large objects, such as refrigerators or couches, please move them out of the way prior to our arrival.  2) For the comfort of our employees, we suggest that the home's temperature is set anywhere between 72 and  78 degrees. 3) For the safety of our employees, we ask that dangerous items on the main traffic areas of the floor be picked up or moved out of the way. 4) If you have large pets that may hurt our employees or may intrude in the cleaning process we ask that you please keep them outside of the areas that are being cleaned.


Do you have Gift Certificates available?

Yes.  And they truly make great gifts for just about any occasion! We also have pre-packaged subscription-based cleaning plans available at a discount!


May I tip the maids?  

Sure you can!  Although it's not necessary to tip our employees it is encouraged,  and the best way to say job well done! If you prefer, you may include your tip with your payment.


Can I hire my maid?

Our maids are contractually bound to San Diego Maids & Janitorial Services and are not available to be hired direct.


Will you give a refund if we are not satisfied?

Your satisfaction guaranteed policy allows for a return visit to fix any areas that were not cleaned to your satisfaction or were missed, that form part of the checklist or agreed on list of services. We will send your service provider back to your home so they will develop an awareness and appreciation for your priorities, special needs and/or expectations. If you are still not satisfied our office manager will visit to determine how best to meet the Customers needs for the current and future cleaning. We pledge to earn your trust by working hard to satisfy your needs and meet or exceed your expectations. We also know our service providers are human and make mistakes or overlook items occasionally or we failed to accurately describe the services we were to provide. Please allow us the opportunity to fix problems as they arise to leave you satisfied with the quality and value you are receiving.


Will the maids arrive at the exact same time every visit?

No the maids generally will arrive within a two hour window of the appointment time.


What if we need to cancel or change the service appointment at any time?

We understand that things do come up from time to time and so we will work with you where we can to either reschedule an appointment or redirect staff to other Customers. Our Employees are provided their schedules a week in advance and adjustments can be made as long as we receive notice 24 hours ahead. If we receive less than 24 hours notice or we are unable to access your home we will charge a $75.00 notice/lock out fee.


What if we have an alarm system?

Alarm codes and procedures are also kept on file in a secure file in our office. As long as the procedures for deactivating and setting the alarm are simple we will have our service providers trained its use. If however the system is a complicated one we ask that the alarm is left off prior and after our visit. There are many types of systems and our service providers cannot hope to know how to operate each type so there will be situations where accidents occur. We will not pay for any cost incurred by our Customers from the accidental activation of the alarm or the consequences as a result.

Are you tasked with managing a commercial space? Keeping your commercial property neat and clean is an integral part of maintaining your facility, improving productivity, and attracting and retaining customers. So if you need a thorough, reliable commercial cleaning service to come in and keep things tidy, turn to San Diego Maids & Janitorial Services. We offer a variety of packages designed to suit your needs and keep your facility looking its best.


San Diego Maids & Janitorial Services was established with a clear mission: to provide professional cleaning services in a friendly, honest & reliable manner which not just satisfies but delights our customers!    We specialize in commercial and residential cleaning and maid service as well as carpet cleaning. We have tailored our cleaning services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whatever type of property requires cleaning, our dependable and experienced employees will give your property the special care and attention that it deserves!

If you're looking for an eco-friendly office cleaning service to help keep your employees and customers feeling comfortable, San Diego Maids & Janitorial has the solutions for you. We'll do our best to avoid disrupting your business, and you'll have our full attention while we clean your office.

Our goal is to leave you more than satisfied with the state of your office. When we're working in your business, we'll be respectful and professional at all times. We always pay attention to the details, and you can expect meticulous workmanship from our team. 

If you need eco-friendly office cleaning, call us today for more information or to set up an appointment.